5 thoughts on “We stopped Arbor Hills!”

  1. I’m sorry but the landfill was there long before your subdivision was. If that’s the best route for the trucks then so be it. You shouldn’t have moved there if you didn’t like your neighbors. How about reduce, reuse, and recycle so there isn’t so much garbage in the first place!

    1. Agreed. While they may have tabled the request for now, I highly doubt it is over…
      Not to mention, the existing landfill will continue to operate for many years. The landfill will be there long after most people in that sub have moved on…

  2. This is a very good example of when we mobilize the community even ones who site jurisdiction restrictions also move and things get done.
    We can not stop here. We have to keep working till the odor , dust , noise stop and safety is improved for the existing landfill for the residents living in Ridgewood Subdivision .We have to make sure that the heavy dump and concrete trucks do not pass through Northville Township . They have to find other routes.

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