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Materials Management legislation update

See the update below from Northville Twp. Supervisor Bob Nix regarding the status of Michigan legislation as a result of the Solid Waste and Sustainability Advisory Panel (SWSAP).

Materials management legislation update

Materials Management Plan legislation, 6th draft. See page 165-166 for text regarding adjacent communities. Do you have thoughts or ideas regarding this legislation? Contact us at info@theconservancyinitiative.org.

Who to contact
  • Larry Bean, MDEQ – BEANL@michigan.gov
  • Scott Miller, MDEQ – millers@michigan.gov
  • Kenneth Ruffatto, EPA lead – Ruffatto.Kenneth@epa.gov
  • Sen. Patrick Colbeck, – senpcolbeck@senate.michigan.gov
  • Rep. Jeff Noble – jeffnoble@house.mi.gov
  • Salem Twp. Supervisor Gary Whittaker – gary@salem-mi.org
  • Northville Twp. Supervisor Bob Nix – rnix@twp.northville.mi.us

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