Solid Waste Mtg July 13

If you are interested in making your voice heard regarding the new landfill in Salem Township, attend the July 13 Washtenaw County Solid Waste Planning Committee meeting.

Meeting location is at the Washtenaw County Western Service Center, 705 N. Zeeb Road, Ann Arbor, MI 48107 in the Michigan State Extension Classroom (basement room). View the agenda.

This committee has the authority to include the new Arbor Hills Landfill in the Washtenaw County solid waste management plan. We need to convince them not to include the expansion in their plan. Sign our petition to stop the new landfill.

The Washtenaw County Solid Waste Planning Committee  was formed to update the county’s solid waste plan specifically in response to  Advanced Disposal’s request to expand Arbor Hills Landfill. Arbor Hills has received many violations from the Department of Environmental Quality for polluting air and water. Review the Republic Services response to the latest violation that includes photos of Arbor Hills Landfill leaking leachate into ground water, landfill fires and other shocking information.

View the Washtenaw County Solid Waste Management Planning page. The committee opens the floor to public comment at the end of every meeting.  Carpools are available. Contact if you need a ride or want more information.

Learn more about the expansion process.

4 thoughts on “Solid Waste Mtg July 13”

  1. My family and I are unable to attend this meeting. We are completely against this landfill being next to our home. We already have to deal with the existing landfill stench, loud trucks/beeping early in the AM, countless trucks ruining the roads and kicking up dirt in the air. I’m concerned for the health of the children in Ridgewood schools and the surrounding neighborhoods. Lastly this is not good for our overall environment and being placed right near a state park nature center. There is plenty of empty land away from densely populated areas throughout Michigan. One landfill is already more than enough near Salem/Northville/Plymouth. We need to preserve the already limited land and beauty we have left in this area. Thank You.

  2. When I moved to stonewater the view of the landfill was a small hill. I have a million dollar plus house do I want a view of a dump. The answer is no I do not want a new landfill. Is this going to be more Canadian garbage? This is insult to injury.

    1. The sad part is the dump is in Washtenaw County and the wind blows and water flows from the dump into Wayne County. Washtenaw is not concerned about property values, health effects or increased health care costs. So far, these topics have not been mentioned once during their discussions. Northville residents must push their elected officials to get involved.

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