Sign petition to stop new landfill next to houses



Please sign the petition to stop the massive expansion of Arbor Hills Landfill.

Arbor Hills Landfill in Salem Township accepts more than 10,000 tons of waste a day. This is by far the highest trash volume in the state of Michigan. And it’s placed in the heart of a residential area, less than a mile away from two schools, across the street from a nature preserve and thousands of homes.

If no expansion is approved, Arbor Hills will operate for an estimated 17 more years. Washtenaw County should not be considering an expansion. They should be considering how to shut down this horribly mismanaged company.

Arbor Hills Landfill has received many violations from the Department of Environmental Quality, including some for releasing high levels of toxic sulfur dioxide. They have been busted for leaking leachate into our ground water (included leachate photo was taken May 5, 2016). They contaminated an aquifer in Northville Township so they bought the property. They release noxious landfill gas fumes into the air regularly. Yet there is a high likelihood Advanced Disposal will be granted its request for expansion.

See photo evidence and sworn testimony related to the dump’s mismanagement in this affidavit on the Department of Environmental Quality site:

14 thoughts on “Sign petition to stop new landfill next to houses”

  1. Stop the expansion. With repeated violations, it is clear that having such a huge dump located next to a populated community and run by Advanced Disposal is a problem waiting to happen. We have done our part to accommodate the present dump and should not be subjected to more.

    1. As a resident of Northville Hills Golf Club located. A few miles from landfill I have smelt a terrible odor from land fill on many occasions. I can only imagine what closer residences are experiencing. For this reason the expansion of Landfill should be stopped.

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