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The Conservancy Initiative is a Michigan environmental nonprofit 501c3 corporation.  We also do business as Stop Arbor Hills. Contact us at P.O. Box 722, Northville MI 48167, (810) 356-3205 or

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Tracey Birkenhauer

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Ralph Lassel

Rajesh Mummineni

Jenny Cordina

David Horan

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Dr. Jason Domina
Kathleen Sharif
Krystian Lagowski
Kathrine Horan
Venu Mantha

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  1. 1) Why did you move here when you knew there was a dump that’s been here for 50 years? Did you not see it every time you drive down 6 mile?

    2) Are you aware that the smell is not the dump but instead is the 1000’s of Bradford Pear trees the omit a rotting egg odor. These trees are considered an invasive species in many states and illegal to have.

    3) If you don’t like the dump there then why are you adding your trash to it every week?

    Your intentions are good only if there was no dump there way before anyone lived here. I would support you 100% if you were trying to prevent a dump in the first place but your not and your logic is wacky and makes no sense.

  2. My name is Matt Makowski and although I don’t live in a neighborhood that abuts the Arbor Hills Dump, I do live nearby.

    I, too, share issues with the expansion of this dump. I have been extremely disappointed to hear that they are moving ahead with expansion plans and will not listen to any

    of the residents that live in Wayne County. I fully understand that the dump is in Washtenaw County. However, it should be noted that most, if not all of the trucks that

    visit this dump use Wayne County roads to dispose of their loads. If Washtenaw County has no need to listen to the residents of Northville Township (specifically Northville Ridge or Steepchase residents), then maybe

    it would be in the best interest of Wayne County to prevent the use of the trucks from using Wayne County roads.

    My proposal, let Washtenaw County use their roads and see if the residents like these large trucks running to and from the dump from 7am to 7pm for 6 days a week.

    How is this accomplished? The last I checked 5 Mile, Beck, 6 Mile, Ridge, 7 Mile and 8 Mile are county roads. There should be actions introduced to limit the weight of trucks heavier

    than a certain limit. Not that we would eliminate all vehicles but just vehicles that carry extremely heavy loads to the dump. This would allow regular residents to use the roads,

    including delivery trucks (e.g. Art Van, UPS, etc.) but prevent hauling trucks.

    It doesn’t prevent Arbor Hills trucks from access to the dump, it just puts the burden on the residents of Washtenaw County. Let Washtenaw County plan routes off of Godfredson and M14.

    One simple method, there are multiple bridges / culverts that cross each of the aforementioned roads above. Reduce the loads that are allowed on these. Place signs that

    prevent their use by trucks over 20,000 lbs. If that can’t be accomplished, I am certain that the fine residents of Northville Township would be willing to fund redesigns to these

    bridges / culverts to these design loads. It would certainly be less than the $$ it will cost in lawyers.

    I am surprised that Washtenaw County doesn’t want to be a good citizen. Wayne County / Northville Township doesn’t have to play fair either.



    1. I want think every body who taking this matter very seriously, I’m willing to help and we shouldn’t let arbor hill expansion, will bring down our property values . we keep this good fight going .

    1. The meeting went well last night but it was not well attended. It’s clear residents who are affected by the dump think it’s someone else’s responsibility to fight this for them. It just doesn’t work that way. I will post a video of the meeting as soon as I have it. The committee mentioned they may move up their timeline, which is not good news.

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